Gugma Ko, Husto Ba?


G U G M A   K O, H U S T O   B A ?

Human tika mahimamat
Adlaw ko murag himaya
Sa takna kita nagtupad
Palibot ko puno’g kasadya

Ni pamilok ikaw wa hikalimti
Sa huna-huna dili mawala
Kining tim os kong gibati
Alibogyaw sa akong kinabuhi

Kung ikaw makig istorya
Handom ko nga dili maundang
Gusto ko ikaw gakson
Pero dili nako kaya buhaton

Natungkad ko nga dili pwede
Paumhan ang kining butanga
Kay ikaw isip usa ka lalaki
Sa kataposan dili maakoa

Kita tuhay nga magka amigo
Gasa sa babaw nga gihatag
Butang nga sakto ug husto
Nga dili nako kaya’g mabungkag

This is the first brief Bisaya Poem attempt of limitednotion.
This reflects to a love for his co-sexuality.
You love someone but can’t you have him/her ’cause s/he doesn’t love you back (i mean, loving you back like couple for life). It is best to stay friends and make the friendship even stronger. If you confess to him/her what you truly feel, possibilities could be two. One, he will never mind the affection you felt and continue being friends. Two, the worst one, s/he will end up what you two had built. In the friendship you have, you can make memories that you’ll treasure forever which are a lot better to instances after you’ve confessed ’cause the way s/he will look at you will never be the same.



Best Woman I’ve Ever Known, My Origin

A day of tiresome activities in school. From solving equations of problems to understanding curriculum in schools. As I look the key for my room, I have heard a child crying on the adjacent room. After I have put my bags on my bed I immediately went outside. What I saw is a mother busy quaking the bottle of milk while having difficulty in walking because of another child on her toes. It reminds me of a self-sacrificing task of a great woman in my life.

It has been almost 19 years after I was painstakingly labored. They’ve fed me and watched me grow from a mindless kid who always tremble and pee on pants and now to an early adult who’s preparing for his line of work. This would be impossible without the skillful hands of my parents.

Mothers are statistically regarded as a person nearest to the hearts of their children. Most likely because they are the ones who carry and swing us just to fall asleep, wake us up just to be on time, buy us things just to suffice our needs. In point of fact, they give everything they have even nothing is left for them. That is what our mothers make sure of though a penny is left in their pocket.

Today marks the 51st anniversary of my mother’s natal day.  Allow me to tribute this post to her.

PicMonkey CollageA woman of simplicity

Her artlessness is what she wears all the time. From make-up to blouses from pants to sandals. She buys things for herself not often to an extent that she wears a blouse that has lasted for years. It is not just observed in that way. Plainness of her own is also witnessed in her way of living. She never dreamed of having a big house or to be able to walk like a gold mine in front of a mob. All she has been dreaming of is a small simple family filled with love and happiness living in a safe house enough to protect her children from nature’s blow with violence and ideal one in making up sweet memories.

A woman of love

She loves every member of the family. From her parents to siblings, from her husband to her children, from nephews to nieces and from cousins to brother and sister-in-laws. Her love is evident as care. She cares because she shows love to everyone in the blood line. The hearts of her family never experienced even a flash of thirstiness. It is always kept as a river that overflows inspiration and kind-heartedness. She doesn’t only love those in the same line but also to her brothers and sisters in the community. In every possible means she would opt to help everybody who have problems in their respective lives to best of her capacity.

A woman of hope

Life plays unfairness. Good things are not the ones always happening to us. Bad things also do. Dilemmas in life are challenged by hope. As the cliché goes, “There’s a rainbow after the rain”. She has awful experiences in life that built her foundations to be a strong and can weather encounters in this passing journey. Why she surpassed all? It’s because of her being hopeful. With that she never missed to advise her children to be hopeful because we don’t know what life has offer. Her own and her family’s dreams are driven by this principle.

Back to where I’ve started…

After a few minutes. The wind whispers so fresh and the house is occupied by silence. I try to peep on the adjacent room. The kiddos are comfortably sleeping but the mother looks so worn-out. She sits on the chair near the bed while fanning herself. She turned her face directing to me. I was shaking of nervousness as to what she might be thinking about because I tried to peep. Only to find out, she only wanted to drop a short convo. She made mention of these few lines,

“To be a mother is a like chicken who always aspire to fly so high as the eagle is capable of. You will do everything you can for the sake of your children’s future to the point that you missed to take a bath”.

All the time, she knew that I was watching her. I was moved by her words and I realized how tough it is to become a mother.

To the woman who never broke my heart, who opens the door when I come back home late, who explains when I’m confused and who let me smile when I’d almost forgotten how to. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA SANDRA! You’re the one in my life who is unparalleled. Wishing you all the best of things in life and many more candles to blow. XOXO



LOVE: Lesson Not Learnt

Love is commonly known as a relative term. One may have his definition of love and one may have different. It’s considered to be a blessing in disguise for you fall for someone without knowing why and how. It just comes in an indistinguishable way.

f31e88ef-97df-419d-9414-b1a662266c8e Photo retrieved from http://www.playbuzz.com

We need love to be inspired, to get fueled. We acquire love from peers, family but from someone who really is closest and dearest to your heart is a different thing. Some would say, “Study first before you enter the kingdom of love”—very high school 🙂 .  Why most of us would like to get into the portals of that kingdom? Is that a kingdom full of just surprises and happiness? Or a kingdom of sweetness and latter pain?

We show fondness to someone because of what we feel in that certain extent of time. Flowers, chocolates, letters, shoes, free trips, free meals are given.  But the worst of all, time. We give everything just to make a person happy and it entails effort and time. These two are closely related. To surprise him, you need to think what to buy, where to surprise and the like that’s effort. With effort comes time. You spend hours of thinking and being with. Gathered all possible items under the sun just for that someone we truly love. But what if that extent of time lapses? What if he doesn’t love you back? What if it was all a prank?

After all, you were hurt and feeling lost. You were stuck in nowhere. “I need to put myself back on its own”, this is what you would probably say to yourself in front of a mirror. Your friends would say, “It’s okay, it’s okay, you’ll get rid of this sooner”. We all know that it is not as easy as A-B-C nor 1-2-3. It takes time and sacrifice. You sacrifice the things that will remind you of him. From contacts to messages, from pictures to memories. By doing so, you are somewhat killing yourself gradually but you take what it takes for your benefit.

In the long run, you are now stronger and wiser. You can withstand the test of life and love because you’ve learnt something valuable from the past. With that it gives you power to redirect yourself to the path which you now think is better. But in a blink, he intrudes again into your life. All of a sudden, what you feel for him returns back and the pain he let you feel fades away. The stronger turned into a weak capable of acquiring new discomfort and the wiser turned into witless capable to thinking no more. And you love him once more.

Love can make you happy.
Love can conquer all.
Love can fade away pain.
Love can make you fall again.




“Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants.”

Issue on pollution is not fresh. We’ve tackled this since we were on elementary even up to college. We’ve opened books and read articles about the provider on its last legs and the ways how to augment systematic answers to this very broad predicament.

Data have shown that air, water, noise, light pollution together with dissatisfaction with garbage disposal and spend time in the city are high.

As guardians and momentary boarders of this planet, we ought to mitigate and adapt. Global warming is not just caused by human systems but also the mechanism of the earth itself, earth systems. These are unavoidable so it’s indispensable for us to formulate mitigation and adaption exploits.

Bottle Gardening

Bottles here and bottles there. These are the very vivid garbage found around us. One of the garbage that will be decomposed for many years.
DSC09890 DSC09896
Many ways are in the brochDSC09891ure of saving earth. This one is the one we are currently doing with my family– bottle gardening. We have a lot of plastic bottles and it exceeds from the number to be used. So, we decided to have these as our material for gardening.

The preparation is so easy. (1) Clean the bottles. (2) Cut a rectangular shape on the body. (3) Use pointed material to make holes at the bottom. (4) Put fertile soil. (5) Prepare seedlings.

We’ve planted tomato plant in our case. You can also make use of plastic bags or anything that is capable of holding soil. Good thing is, this serves us our bonding time and that we hit two balls in a row– was able to help the environment and enjoy each other’s company. 😀

Here are some other ways to save the environment:

  1. Change your daily habits.
  2. Change your eating habits.
  3. Change your transportation habits.
  4. Adapting your home.
  5. Adapting your yard.
  6. Reusing items.
  7. Engaging in activism.
    For details on the aforesaid ways, visit http://www.wikihow.com/Help-Save-the-Environment.






Received a mail today. As I open the mail, it contains ratings in three different subject areas. Yes, it’s a certificate from Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). This reminds me of a remarkable success last December 11, 2014.

PicMonkey Collage

He completed his elementary education at Plaridel Central School, Plaridel, Baybay City, Leyte and graduated Class Valedictorian. His secondary education years were spent at Franciscan College of the Immaculate Conception (FCIC), Baybay City and graduated as Class Salutatorian. He took his BS degree in Civil Engineering at University of San Carlos, Cebu City. With the aforesaid, you tend to be overwhelmed by his academic achievements, right? He is so much in love with x and y’s, and square root and pi characters– which are the greatest enemies of some. Mercury Drug Corporation recognized his link with mathematics and gave him the Excellence in Mathematics Award. He topped the list in their NCAE result with a grade of 99+. In college, where all huge brains in the city are gathered, he was able to outwit the others. But, in life, nobody is exempted in the so called FAILURE. He failed a subject and that disqualifies him from his application for honors. Yet, he never see failure as something that means the end of his world. In the expected time, he was still able to manage himself and graduate on time.

Aside from his noteworthy achievements in school he is also a good leader. He served as Representative, Intellectual Director, Secretary, Vice-president and President of various organizations in college and high school. He was also a nominee of 30th USC Excellence Awards. Indeed he really is an outstanding leader.

One certain time in his high school years, he never thought that he could play piano. It was his friends who influenced him to play piano to harmonize the band. And guess what? He found his new love. He loves to play Yiruma’s and others. He made covers of piano pieces with the help of his siblings and show it to netizens.

With all his profits in life, he did not put it all under his feet to elevate his standing and that he can rule lives of others. He remained modest to his friends, family. He oversees the needs of his siblings and parents and give his everything to them. Above all he has a robust link with God.

Ladies and gentlemen, Engr. Jano C. Libres.


God bless you on your Master Plumbing Exam.



Hello kinfolks!


I’m Dominic C. Libres. A native from Brgy. Plaridel, Baybay City, Leyte. Currently studying at Leyte Normal University taking up a degree in Secondary Education specializing in Physical Sciences.

I decided to have a wordpress account for I was inspired by two individuals, who also have wordpress accounts, namely, Mrs. Karen Meode-Dongon of ladynprince.wordpress.com and Mr. Niño Perante Villalino of literaryaviary.wordpress.com. They are models of great mind and excellence in their chosen professions.

LIMITEDNOTION will be sharing various ideas, narrations, experiences, everything that occurs suddenly in the mind of the author. These are for one’s knowledge for a hungry head, entertainment for spare time, and inspiration for less eager hearts.

First post is under construction 🙂
hope that you’ll be tagging us throughout the journey. Good Day!


LIMITEDNOTION’s DOG DAYS JAUNT feat. Canigao Island Paradise

Matalom, Leyte is a third class municipality in the province of Leyte, Philippines. It borders with Bato in the north. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 31,097 people (Wikipedia). This municipality is known for its small, relaxing, and fine-looking island- CANIGAO ISLAND PARADISE.

This island has been featured by various blogs and documentary TV shows. Actually I have been to this island when I was still on elementary when we celebrated our 3rd family reunion. The island that time was a rising star trying to gain spot in the long-list of amazing islands here in the Philippines. 13446198_1186433761387518_488712875_oAccording to one of our family members, a relative, that they own the island long time ago but they decided to pledge it to the municipality perhaps, for goods in return. After my encounter with the island it took me years to miss its splendor. Now, I was able to step down back to draw footprints on its sand.

The Canigao Island I knew before is now Canigao Island Paradise. From its port, it took us 15-20 minutes to reach the island. 13405631_1186434348054126_2076055708_oThe thing I like of going to this island is that it is cheap. You need not to rent the whole boat instead, you only need to pay for a back and forth fare and entrance. It is as if you are just traveling from one place to another through riding a bus. The island, as I said, is small that you can take a tour all around. Its shorelines have white sand and a mixture of white and black at conducive places under the trees. 13441995_1186433994720828_697096077_oThe water is clear and crystalline like any other islands. For occasions, the island also has a function hall. For personal necessities, the island has toilets and shower area. Since it is in the middle of the ocean, the water used in the island for shower, washing dishes for example, is actually salty but not as salty as that of the sea water. 13410577_1186434301387464_372771507_oOn the other hand, if you wish to have a tattoo as body art to complete your #summerfeels, they also have henna tattooing for only fifty pesos (50 php). Their cottage rentals ranges from 700-1500 pesos. For snorkeling enthusiasts, the island suits for you. It has a protected marine area which would satisfy your interests.The trees in the island give shades to visitor and sun worshipers for get together, singing, catching up, and any other possible things you want to have in the island.


Canigao Island Paradise has all the things you want for a stay in the island. It has stores selling drinks, junk foods, biscuits, noodles, charcoal, ice and for hygiene to name a few. Some stores offer rice cooking and prepare meals for you. Since the island is near to rich body of water, it has wet market. We were shocked to the prices of sea foods. It was so cheap.

Wait not just that, they also cook the sea foods you bought from the market. You only need to pay thirty pesos (30 php) as charge for cooking but you will be the one to buy for all ingredients needed. See? for convenience at its cheapest, we opted to avail it.


For overnight stay, they also have tents for rent. We rented a tent for only three hundred pesos which could accommodate four persons. If you don’t have tables and chairs with you, you can also rent for only fifty pesos (50 php) and ten pesos (10 php) respectively. If you wish to sit back and relax, take a sunbath, for instance, they also have a relaxing chair good for rent at fifty pesos (50 php) also.

G e t t i n g   t h e r e . . . .

Allow me to set these directions at Baybay City Terminal. Ride a van or a bus going to Matalom (that’s about an hour) and tell the driver to drop you off to the municipal plaza of the town. A one-way trip can cost ninety pesos (90 php). Once you are there, feel free to ask humble locals around about the pier going to Canigao, it will only take few steps from there. You can also ride a tricycle if you have much loads. In the pier, you will pay ninety five pesos (95 php), which covers your back and forth boat fare and entrance fee to the island. Travel time is 15 – 20 minutes. No other fees for overnight, bringing of tents and the like.

So, what are you waiting for, pack-up now!

LIMITEDNOTION’s Dog days Jaunt feat. Digjo and Mahaba Islands

And the classes were officially over. After the mind-breaking lessons on basic electronics, thermodynamics and combating scholarly works for research, finally, I’ve come to taste the salty water and feel the sun beams as it strikes on my skin.

My summer vacay, as I foresee, should not be dimmed by unsuccessful plans of day outs. Some people think, especially on facebook, that most of us just ended up facing our phones and or computers for the whole summer duration that we don’t get to post #summerfeels or #summerfun. Thanks to my 12670529_10204109152808770_2464803299100604530_n.jpgbest buds for making my dumpy vacation a full-packed one.

With my teachers in high school, which actually are the closest to my heart, and with my friends as their colleagues we all went together to track down the said gems of Leyte- CUATRO ISLAS.

Cuatro Islas is a protected landscape and seascape under Proclamation no. 270 of April 23, 2000. These four picturesque islands were featured already in various documentary TV shows. It attracted already many visitors from different points in the region and neighboring provinces. Of course, foreigners never miss to stopover in these islands. We first take a tour at Digjo Island, the smallest of the four. We rented a private hut for 300 pesos. There are also huts which are owned, managed, and maintained by the Local Government Unit (LGU) – Inopacan. Since we arrived early, we took our breakfast their and prepared other foods to be cooked. Before lunchtime, we travel around and of course take picture of the aesthetic views of the island.



The island has two sand bars at both ends. As you roam around you can see the undergrowth and nice sedimentary rocks where you can really find various rocks and sea shells cemented together. Island’s sand is fine and white. Its place is well-maintained that you can’t see even a piece of garbage. The island, as a whole, is a perfect place to relax, enjoy, and be close to nature. You can bring a mat with you and sleep under the dwarf coconut trees and feel like moving slowly as you are being allured with the contours of moving-like clouds.

Mahaba island is the longest of the four. What amazes me here is the rock formation of the island. We missed to witness the long sand bar that runs collateral to the island. At Digjo island, we’ve spent most of our time with that we lack time to find out much of its wonderments. This island is also rich in vegetation. The coconut trees as taller than that of Digjo. Mahaba island is said to be perfect for snorkeling and it has a protected marine sanctuary. Both of the islands possess clear and crystalline water. As you travel from one island to another you will be astonished by the coral reefs foreground.

There are still two islands we haven’t visited. We only got a chance to sail and take glimpse of the two islands. Apid Island is the most populated island and the least tempting. It you wish to leave foot marks on this island and additional 500 pesos for itinerary. Himokilan island on the other hand, is the second populated island. According to the boatmen, snorkeling, fishing, and diving are strictly prohibited.

G e t t i n g   t h e r e . . . . 

We are at the last barangay of the City of Baybay (that if you’re heading south). It took us almost 20 minutes to arrive at the departure area in the Municipality of Inopacan, Leyte. Allow me to set this starting from the city proper of Baybay. It will take you 40-50 minutes to reach the municipality at a fare of 30-35 pesos depending on the type of transportation means.

From its very hygienic bay walk, you will rent a pump boat for 3,000 pesos. This boat can lug 10-20 people. The rent will be 3,500 pesos if you are all 21-30 people. The boat will not leave you at the island they will remain there and tag wit
h you. Going home, you can flag down a van or multicar. In our case, we rented a multicar for convenience. But, before we decided to go home, we eat our dinner at their bay walk while watching the sun sets. After which, we went home having sands on our hair.